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remedies for dry cough during pregnancy.” 12 Effective home remedies for dry cough during
pregnancy. One of the most uncomfortable situations in
pregnancy is a persistent cough. While cough itself is a troublesome problem,
experiencing it on a heavy belly is beyond imagination. Most doctors advise against the usage of cough
suppressants or other medications during pregnancy, as they are linked to the health of the fetus. This is why we have compiled some of these
amazing home remedies for cough during pregnancy, which is safe and natural. Causes of Cough During Pregnancy: While a minor cough is normal during pregnancy,
the severe cough that lasts for a few days may not be desirable. Here are some of the main reasons why a pregnant
woman suffers from persistent cough: Allergies: Most dry coughs are a result of
allergic reactions to weather, food or products.

Weakened Immune System: This makes the body
more prone to infections. Asthma: Women with a history of asthma are
at a high risk of breathing problems, including severe cough. High Estrogen Levels: The increased levels
of estrogen contribute to coughing in pregnancy, especially when you have hay fever or allergic
rhinitis. Acid Refluxes: The acid from the stomach affects
the respiratory tract and damages the lining. Viral Infections: Viral attacks can give you
flu and cough. Air Pollutants: Smoke, dust, soot, smog, and
gas can cause cough in pregnant women. Watch this video until the end where you will
have a surprise that you will surely love. Symptoms Of Cough During Pregnancy:
Here are some of the common signs of cough during pregnancy: Uncontrollable Cough. Block in your throat. Irritation and itching sensation in the throat. Nausea and even vomiting. Sleeplessness. Accumulation of Mucus with wheezing (in case
of lung-related problems). Prevention of Cough During Pregnancy: It is not possible to completely prevent cough
during pregnancy. But you can lower the risk of severe coughs
by following certain precautions: Maintain a humidifier in your room to avoid
dryness in the air.

Avoid allergens that trigger a cough. Wear a mask if you cannot avoid air pollution
during travel. Sleep in a reclined position to make your
breath easy. Build up your body’s immunity by eating
a well-balanced diet. Say no to cold foods and beverages which can
cause a cough. Natural Home Remedies for Cough In Pregnancy: 1. Gargle: One of the common natural remedies for cough
during pregnancy is a warm water gargle. The idea to deal with sore or itchy throat
with the gargling method where water is taken to the back of the throat and whilst there
gargling is done. For this one will need some lukewarm water
with a pinch or so of salt. One can even add ginger juice drops to it
for added pressure.

2. Chicken Soup: Whenever you were sick and unwilling to leave
your comfy cozy bed, remember how your mother would bring in a steaming bowl of chicken
soup which you could probably smell from afar. The same goes during the time of pregnancy
when rather than popping in a pill or two every time for your cough you stick to homemade
remedies; a warm bowl of chicken soup which will immediately soothe the itchiness in the
throat. 3. Tulsi Leaves: The leaves of a Tulsi plant have been in demand
for ages now with it being one of the popular Indian home remedies for cough during pregnancy. Make a paste of it along with honey and have
it for instant results. While the Tulsi works on the cough, the honey
will soothe the neck in case of inflammation or discomfort. 4. Turmeric: Usually, we cough due to a reason which might
be ranging from anything such as the common flu, an infection in the throat or inflammation. No matter how it goes, turmeric being an expert
anti-inflammation agent can kill the cough-producing germs right away.

Make a paste of juice containing turmeric
and drink it in intervals. Turmeric is also one of the recommended home
remedies for cough during third-trimester pregnancy. Remember to watch this video until the end
where you will have a surprise that you will surely love
5. Honey: One of the proven and effective home remedies
for dry cough during pregnancy is honey. This amazing ingredient has been incorporated
in Indian home remedies for tit-bits every now and then and has always shown exceptional
results. This is why honey can be used in different
ways such as with warm water with certain juices or leaves.

It soothes the throat walls with the prickly
infections thereby killing the cough. 6. Eucalyptus Oil: We have all been aware of the wonders a eucalyptus
plant has and that is exactly why you know now that eucalyptus can probably make your
cough and cold disappear. Use heated warm eucalyptus oil with coconut
oil and rub it on your chest. It acts as a vapor rub. You can also drop eucalyptus oil drops in
a heated warm water pot and take in the steam. 7. Lime or Lemon: Here are two sisters who are also known for
their grand presence in almost every home remedy for common cures. Lemon or lime contains anti-inflammatory properties
so don’t hesitate to squeeze the lemon into your honey water before consuming.

These ingredients are considered to be one
of the natural home remedies for cough and cold during pregnancy. 8. Sleeping Technique: We all know how much a pregnant woman needs
a good night’s healthy sleep and a hysteric episode of coughing right through the night
might be quite disheartening. This is why the trick is to alleviate your
head while sleeping. Use two soft pillows and sleep on your sides. keep the tulsi and honey nearby. This is one of the natural ways to treat cough
while pregnant. 9. Garlic: Garlic is one of the best home remedies for
chesty cold in pregnancy. The best properties of antimicrobial and antibacterial
elements are present in garlic which is why this is also enlisted as one of the cures
to a whizzing dry throat during pregnancy.

As for the expecting mother, make a juice
out of garlic and incorporate it in your diet for better effects. 10. Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper is another important home remedy
for cough and cold for pregnant women. When the coughing gets out of hand, subtle
chest pain or irritation is bound to occur. The reason why cayenne pepper comes to the
scene. With the obnoxious coughing tripping you out,
cayenne pepper can be your remedy. 11. Almonds: If you are going nuts over coughing, a nut
might be the solution to your situation.

Almonds are known for their cough relief symptoms
and therefore this also gets a part of the list you can maintain during coughing when
you are pregnant. This is one of the safe home remedies for
cough during pregnancy. 12. Licorice Roots: Another natural remedy for cough for pregnant
women is Licorice tea. Roots and herbs make the best of the remedies
when it comes to common cold and cough. This is why a fine cup of steaming tea made
of licorice roots can be of great help. However, don’t overdo on the tea thing since
too much tannin may not be good for you at this point. Now that you have learned about these home
remedies for cough during pregnancy, we suggest you try them before rushing to a doctor. Most of these methods using natural ingredients
which are considered to be harmless during this phase. However, if you are sceptical about using
them during pregnancy, you can always check with your doctor.

We hope these nature’s wonders help you
enjoy a trouble-free pregnancy. Very important !! Home remedies are convenient and help during
a serious situation, such as night, when it can be difficult to go to the hospital. However, people should refrain from taking
risks and quickly consult a doctor, especially when it comes to the health of young children. The surprise we promised at the beginning
of the video, you will find in the first link. Within the description of the video..

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