2 मिनट मे कफ और सूखे गले से पाये छुटकारा |Relief Cough & dry throat in 2 Min Hindi English Subtitles

Wish you All guys a very Happy New Year 2017 I hope u guys enjoyed new Year eve. Today I came with two magical home remedies . Those will give u relief in 1 minute. first remedy is for, when u have heavy cough in your throat Second remedy is for, when You have dry throat and not even able to sleep. For dry throat we need organic honey Take a table spoon full of honey and swallow it Don’t try to melt in your mouth 🙂 , it should go directly inside throat. Honey will provide moisture to your dry throat.

If we will put honey on our tongue and slowly swallow it, then it will not be effective because the saliva will make honey thin in consistency so honey could not stay in throat and moisturize. In 2 minutes you will get relief
from dry throat Dry throat problem mostly occurs after or within common cold period, Lack of moisture due to runny nose and cough and then we face dry throat and dry nose problem Second remedy is for, heavy cough in throat We need Roasted gram without skin (whole gram or Bengal Gram) In India its easily available, But in other countries you can get it from Indian Grocery stores If you don’t get this, You can get Roasted gram powder (not besan) also known as Sattu, Take a handful of Roasted gram, chew them very fast So not much saliva incorporate with it. Now swallow the chewed Roasted gram slowly. Roasted gram soak the liquid very fast. So when it goes in throat, it sucks all the cough and goes down Within max 1 or 2 minute You will get relief.

One Message ,or you can say request to you guys for This Year 2017 Guys please do love animals, because they can’t express their pain, but……. but they give us so much of love unconditionally 🙂 ……..

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