5 Best Natural Teething Remedies for Babies that WORK!

The 5 Best Natural Teething Remedies for Teething Babies Teething is never fun for your little one.
It is one of life’s pain in the butt milestones. As your child’s parent, you want to do anything
you can to help ease their distress. When your baby is teething, they may be irritable
or fussy, have excess amount of drool, gum swelling and sensitivity, chewing behavior
or they may even have trouble sleeping or refuse to eat food. While there is over the
counter topical medications, many of them contain benzocaine which can have negative
side effects.

Because of this, it is best to use natural teething remedies.
Let’s look at the 5 best teething remedies to help soothe away teething symptoms easily.
The first natural teething remedy is Breastfeeding. Though you may be afraid to have your teething
baby near your breasts, breastfeeding does help out soothe a teething baby. It is calming,
familiar and the feeling of warm milk running over their gums can be very relaxing.

a well fed baby is a happy baby. Just make sure you are paying attention to your baby
when they are feeding. If they get bored and are done, they may start using your nipples
as teethers. The second natural teething remedy is using
silicone teething toys and necklaces. When a baby is teething they tend to put whatever
they can in their mouth. Teethers are designed to make it easier for your little one to grasp
and give them something safe to put in their mouths.

There are many teethers out on the
market today to choose from. Silicone teething toys help stimulate sore gums and you want
to make sure your teething toy is BPA free and is made from medical grade silicone.
Using cold objects to help your baby during teething is a great natural teething remedy.
The coldness can temporarily numb their achy gums. There are many ways to achieve this.
You can use something as simple as putting a spoon in the fridge and then giving it to
your baby to chew on.

There are also great mesh bag feeders by munchkin that you can
put frozen fruit such as bananas or strawberries in and your little one can teeth on that.
A frozen washcloth works great too. The fourth best natural teething remedy is
having your baby wear a Baltic amber teething necklace. An amber teething necklace is made
of Baltic amber that contains a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory. It is absorbed
through the skin when it is worn by your baby through their body heat. Not only can it help
ease teething pain but it can also help many other ailments. It can help boost energy levels,
assist their immune system and help reduce anxiety. Your baby is not supposed to chew
on the necklace, only wear it. There is a knot in each bead just in case the necklace
breaks. Essential oils are a great way to help manage
your family’s health and wellness in a natural way.

You can also use essential oils to help
ease your teething baby. If you are looking to use essential oils a great recipe to use
is one drop lavender, one drop Roman Chamomile and two tablespoons of Carrier Oil. Take the
mixture and massage a small amount on the outside of the cheek along the gum line. You
can also diffuse equal parts lavender and roman chamomile. At no point should you ever
use essential oils that are undiluted on children of any age.
However you decided to help sooth your baby remember that each child is different and
it is going to take a few trial and errors before you find something that works for them.
What worked on your first born may not work for your second or third born.

Though it can
be a bit frustrating when you are trying to sooth your fussy baby, remember that this
is only temporarily. Over time, this milestone will pass and then you will start to wonder
where your little baby had gone as you stare at your now toddler who has a full mouth of teeth..

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