7 Natural remedies for Sore Throat – Dr. Priya Jain

[Music] hello I'm dr. Priya from oversee Aveda I'm the managing director of oversee Rebecca I have done my specialization in nutrition and I'm a postgraduate in Ayurveda [Music] the common causes of sore throat are viral bacterial fungal smoking shouting and the energies shouting is when you are using your vocal cords much more you know too much then also you have soul food the other may be due to certain energies also the natural remedy the best remedy for soul for this hot water would take install and take a garden so gargling with hot salt water is the best remedy for school food unless and until it is with a systemic disease the basic whenever you are having your small symptom of salt you can do this even sometimes you can add little turmeric in the water at times you can take hot water and honey and do the garlic hot pot of nice honey can also be used for drinking purpose at the same time you can use spice mix see like you can add add black pepper little salt honey you hot water with little turmeric and this natural remedy you can eat three who instantly I mean even at that point and smoke the deep then even fennel seeds is very good apart from all these natural drinks you can just take or trouble dip it in hot water and applied on your next part even certain fields are very good for protrude the fumes of essential oils like lavender equipped us or even Jasmine oil the future really good and then the bell the most thing is smoking is to what you will have to avoid smoking about your AHA avoid oily spicy food [Music]

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