A Simple Home Remedy for Strep Throat

hey guys Eric here from tactical intelligence net if you subscribe to my newsletter or if you've been to the blog recently you probably have read that the last three months I've been working through this home study herbalist training course it's totally got me impressed and I'm really excited about the things I'm learning and you know as I gain more confidence in these things I'll definitely share them with you so what I have for you today is a simple home remedy that you can make that is extremely effective against strep throat now in the past if I got strep throat or for my kids or my wife got strep throat we would typically go to the doctors for that and from what I remember I think they prescribed I think like a 10-day course of antibiotics penicillin I believe well this remedy is so effective that it will actually resolve strep throat within 24 to 48 hours and I'm not saying that all herbs are quicker than drugs that's obviously not true but this remedy in particular seems to be very effective and seems to be better than what you would get from the doctors without the side effects or you know compromising your immune system from the pharmaceutical antibiotics so yeah let's get into it so what I have here is some honey cayenne pepper and an obviously garlic what you see here now what you want to do is get about a tablespoon of honey let's pour this out here so once you get about a tablespoon pour it onto a plate or some other surface that you can store the stuff in don't mind using your finger and then what you want to do is next take about a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper if you like a little more go ahead put that on to the honey and then just mix the whole thing together so after you have that fairly well mixed what you want to do next is take the garlic that you have obviously peel off the the wrapping of the paper that's on the garlic so you can get down to the close you want to get about three to five cloves here and if you have a garlic press go ahead my god press is pretty so I I don't know what's going on with it doesn't work too well but you can use a grater as well so great it down now the thing with garlic actually what I learned is that around four cloves of garlic is equal to one dose of penicillin in other words garlic is nature's natural antibiotic and it's very effective for things like strep throat and other things that would require antibiotics all right I'll just do a little bit of this last one here get the point so again mix that together as well now the way that this was explained to me how this works is you know when you take this you want to take about a half a teaspoon every waking hour for one to two days until the strep is relieved and gone the honey you know after you take this this 1/2 teaspoon the honey will coat your throat and so you don't want to wash it down with any liquid after that you want to keep it in there for a while just have your kids you know not drink anything for I don't know half hour to an hour or something the honey again Costa throat and since the cayenne pepper is is mixed in with the honey that will start to bring blood since cayenne is a rue buffet means it brings blood to wherever whatever surface it touches so it will bring blood to that area which will get the immune system going and on top of that garlic which is stimulates your immune system as well and as I explained just a minute ago it's also very effective antibiotic so it will work on that strep condition and hopefully within one to two days you'll be healed so try it out guys there's definitely more to come I get some future posts and articles that I plan on doing with the things that I'm learning medicinal herbs man I'm really impressed I've always been a big edible plant person I know a lot of audible plants I have a lot of experience with that not a lot with medicinal plants it's been in my blog you've probably seen my videos articles on the edible plants and they're fantastic medicinal plants I don't know why I never really got into it maybe I don't have really a medical background myself but I come from a family who are in the medical industry or medical community they I don't know maybe I just got bias against herbs as medicine but you know they're extremely effective in just the last three or four months what I've learned and I've been able to heal a ringworm they got in my hand from my friend's dog clear up a sinus infection in this really really bad chronic cough that I couldn't get rid of with over the counters and I didn't use prescription for that but you know got to the point and then I finally said you know and really try the herbs and they worked it worked fantastic it cleared up right away so I'm totally impressed with herbs I really want to get into this and learn more and as I've learned more share with you guys so thanks for joining me today and we'll be talking you soon

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