Baby’s First Cold – Boys Town Pediatrics

Your baby's first cold can be somewhat scary,
especially, if you're a first-time parent. When babies are first born they have a very
weak immune system. So they're going to pick up many viruses, especially if they go to
daycare. So the basic virus will last from seven to 10 days. That's just the normal life
span of a virus. So you can expect the cold to go for at least 10 days, sometimes two
weeks or longer.

Now usually with a virus, the basic symptoms you can expect with the
common cold are runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing, they're fussy at night, they're
usually a little more clingy and a lot of time they don't eat as well. Saline and suctioning
and a cool-mist humidifier. Those are the mainstays of treatment, especially for little
babies. Babies have such little nasal passages, that if they have a little congestion, they
may have a hard time eating and sleeping. So we use saline and suction to make them
more comfortable, sleep better and eat better. The basic virus lasts about seven to 10 days
but if in the middle of the seven to 10 day period, you see all of a sudden, worsening
symptoms, we have signs of an ear infection, signs of pneumonia, then we would treat with
an antibiotic. In general, because those colds and the runny noses are caused by a virus,
the antibiotic will not help the cold virus. If you see, ok they had a fever day one or
two, it was gone for a few days but the fever comes back, they're all of a sudden much more
fussy, they're pulling on their ears, they're screaming a night, we kind of look for those.
If something suddenly changes we say call right away.

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