Drops for sore throat and cough with ginger, essential oils and other natural ingredients

Drops for sore throat and cough Ingredients Ingredients for a concentrated tea: chamomile (2 tbs), basil (1 tbs), sage (2 tbs), thyme (1 tbs). Spices: ginger (2 tsp), nutmeg (1 tsp), cloves (5-7), turmeric (1 tsp) Sugar (150g), Cap (2 lg), Water (100ml), Lemon (1/2) One or more of the following essential oils: cloves, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme (1-2 drops of each) Sugar: Although not a healthy food, especially in large doses, sugar often cannot be replaced in certain recipes. Note: never replace sugar with honey when working with temperatures above 40 degrees C! Lemons help in the treatment of throat infections. In our case we also use lemon to give a refreshing taste to the drops. Concentrated chamomile tea, thyme basil and sage
(3 minutes of infusion) Chamomile: – anti-inflammatory, – antioxidant, -astringent, – calming & relaxing, – sedative Basil: – treats respiratory infections, – expectorant effect, – antibacterial, – detoxifying, – anti-inflammatory Thyme: – relieves respiratory problems, – disinfectant, – antibiotic, – strengthens the immune system Salvia: – contributes to the normal functioning of the respiratory system, – eliminates mucus, – cold aide, antioxidant Beneficial spices in the treatment of sore throat and cough Turmeric / Turmeric: – anti-inflammatory, adjuvant in cold and flu, antioxidant, detoxifier, – adjuvant in anemia Nutmeg: – anti-inflammatory, – contributes to oral health, – cold and flu, – analgesic, – antioxidant, – detoxifier Ginger: – strengthens immunity, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, – antiviral, – fights nausea, – detoxifies, – anti-carcinogenic Cloves: – cold aid, – anti-inflammatory, – antibacterial, – remedy for oral diseases, – detoxifier, – good for digestion Essential oils Various essential oils with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can be used: cloves, mint, thyme, sage.

Use 1-2 drops of one or more essential oils. These will be added at the end! Honeycomb honeycomb The honey wax cap, the secret elixir produced by bees, treats most respiratory diseases: pharyngitis, laryngitis, asthma, stomatitis, periodontitis. This will be added at the end. Preparation: We prepare a concentrated tea of ​​chamomile, basil, thyme and sage Infusion 3 minutes Wait 3 minutes for the tea to infuse. Melt the sugar over low heat Immediately after, strain the tea and add over the sugar The composition must be mixed throughout, almost continuously! Prepare the lemon juice and add it over the sugar, after about 10 minutes Crush the cloves and add to the composition. For the last 3 minutes, add ginger, turmeric and nutmeg.
Stir continuously! Stop the fire. Add essential oils to the composition!
Stir continuously! After 1-3 minutes, after stopping the fire, add the honey wax cap to the composition.
Stir continuously! On a sheet of waxed paper add the composition, still liquid, with a wooden spoon, by dripping.

After a few minutes, when the drops hardened, they are powdered with sugar and stored in a container, for not meling. Another method is individual wrapping in foil. It is administrated one drops when you feel an embarrassment in your throat or you cough.

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