Drs. Rx: Natural Remedy for a Sore Throat

the season of the dreaded sore throat is here winter which is why our doctor's prescription is actually a natural remedy that can help soothe a sore throat y'all have any ideas what I got under here you know what it is a couple good guesses but it's sage yes sage sage doesn't just add flavor to your food it can also add a variety of health benefits sage has astringent and a septic and antibacterial qualities it's an excellent source of vitamins and it's also been used for centuries to help alleviate certain physical discomforts even drew skin conditions folks will say because of its nutrition it can strengthen your immune system all these wonderful things baby help with digestion Wow good stuff but you can try some sage tea next time you have a sore throat and maybe just maybe it'll provide a little soothing relief I love the smell of sage you

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