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Top 5 home remedy for Toothache. Toothache is a very common thing and occurs to everyone at least once in
their lifetime. Though it can be painful There are some home remedies that can
help you reduce toothache and have healthy teeth with a Big smile. Toothache is mainly due to tooth decay or infected gums But what causes this tooth decay? When foods with carbohydrates stay in our teeth. The bacteria in our mouth
turns them into acids, these acids corrode the Enamel Creating holes called "cavities". Children get cavities easily since their enamel is so thin. Wash ginger and peel the outer skin completely Cut clean ginger into small
pieces and place it on the tooth that hurts.

Let the ginger juice spread over
the tooth. If you can't handle spice of ginger. Put ginger in boiling water and
gargle the warm water. Since ginger has antibacterial properties It kills bacteria and reduces pain. Put a clove in your mouth and chew it. Let the clove oil spread over the affected area Due to the presence of
Anesthetic,Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial properties, clove gives
instant relief to tooth pain. Chew small neem stick until small bristles are formed at end of the stick. Gently rub the bristles along the tooth. wash this stick well before using. Neem stick has been used from ancient times as a toothbrush Since it has antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties which helps relieves dental pain by fighting with germs, Treating swollen gums, prevents
plaque formation and whitens teeth. If you use neem stick as a toothbrush
everyday, you won't get any kind of tooth problems. and you will have strong teeth and gums. Just add a pinch of salt to warm water and then gargle Salt can give you temporary relief by its antibacterial properties Use cold compress to relieve pain.

When you apply a cold compress It causes the blood vessels in the area to constrict This makes pain less severe. The cold compress can also reduce any swelling and inflammation. Which remedy is useful for you? Write about this in comments section below If you find this video helpful
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