Gout Big Toe Joint Treatment [BEST Home Remedies 2021]

did you just wake up and it big totally it very small with ten out of ten pain in the morning well there's a good chance you might have something called the gelt I'm gonna teach you exactly what to do for go how to storm it as quickly as possible and stop it from possibly killing you know it doesn't really kill you how dangerous is gelt gelt not really that dangerous but it is extremely annoying and painful it can absolutely destroy your day this is one of the most common things people costs about asking to get in immediately besides you know all those really life-threatening things like draining abscesses and life-threatening infections so gal can be a major scare in your life you want to act very quickly to get it taken care of but know it won't kill you and it's not life-threatening what exactly is gelt Dell is the build up of something called uric acid crystals or conditioner and called hyperuricemia so what this means is in a practical way is as your body turns over a digests DNA a molecule called uric acid is a left over byproduct so two things can happen some people can't recycle it in their body well these are genetic conditions that's about 10% of people and then 90% of people they just make too much and they don't pee it out quickly enough so as you put on weight as your blood is not flowing as well as your kidneys are not working as well as you drink more alcohol as you get more dehydrated all this stuff combines to create situations which – hyperuricemia conditions so why do you usually get it in your big toe 90% of the time it's in the big toe the reason it happens in the big toe joint is because you have less blood flow there and it's a colder part of your body usually your toes are a little bit colder than the rest of your body so here's how I like to think of hyper URIs emia causing gout when you put in a sugar cube in a cold glass it sinks to the bottom whereas you heat up that fluid the crystals form back into the water and they disappear so your big toe joints a pretty big joint far enough away from your body where the circulation is low and the crystal builds up in that big toe joint how do we diagnose guilt so there's a lot of ways basically if you have the symptoms if you wake up in the morning and your big toe joints herbing and throb a 95% chance that the Elven not something else but officially you can get a blood test and check the level of your uric acid level and the official way so the official way to diagnose a gout is to take a needle to poke you in the big toe while you're in the worst pain of your life and to see if some crystals come out I would not wish that upon my worst enemy but that is the official treatment option so the first thing you're gonna do is wake up in the morning in your in crippling pain so here's what you can do if you don't have any medications number one grab a big bag of ice or a warm washcloth put it on the joint for 10 to 15 minutes elevate it as high as you can get your foot up in the air elevate that foot get some ice or washcloth as you're elevating these are the two best things you can do that are not medication based so ice elevate and keep doing that until the pain goes away you're gonna have a hard time functioning during the day to get rid of this pain so start working on it right away medications the most common thing people have available in their house is anti-inflammatories these are your aspirins your ibuprofen you can combine these with Tylenol to decrease your pain sensation so anti-inflammatories like aspirin ibuprofen actually decrease the swelling in the pain in the big toe tylenol decreases it in your brain so that you don't sense it as well tylenol is digested in your liver whereas anti-inflammatories are in your kidneys so you can use them both together but check check if you're healthy enough to be able to do this first the next types of medications that you can use are stronger pain medications but these need prescriptions from your podiatrist or primary care doctor beyond that my favorite pill to take now because it has less side effects is something called the Colcrys so this is something you take right away and it really cools things down although the big gun if you can tolerate a steroid medications steroids work quicker than any other medication they wash away your pain almost immediately so if you have a podiatrist in your area go see them and have these medications available if you had doubt strikes before have this medication available in your medicine cabinet so that you don't get caught with your pants down because when you wake up in the morning and you're in crippling pain relying on a washcloth and ice alone you will not be very happy how do you prevent gout you gotta get healthy this is the bottom line and this is your body screaming out for assistance most people that have to go have gotten older have put on weight their kidneys don't work as well their metabolism doesn't work as well they're carrying large amounts of tissue there's not a lot of blood circulating through their toes they might be drinking alcohol they're eating heavy purine or meat diets this is seafood red meats that kind of stuff you got to cut that stuff down you gotta hydrate better you got to cut down on the alcohol losing weight and getting to your ideal BMI would be the choice solution this would help prevent it unless you've really spiraled out of control at this point you might mean medications if you have more than three delve attacks a year the indications are a medication called allopurinol this basically helps you pee out the uric acid so this is a decent idea but why not just get healthier get healthier you someway start eating better if you are at the point where you have to start taking heavy-duty amounts of medication to prevent your goat attacks this is a wake-up call for your life to start improving granted there are some people that do need medication because they have genetic differences but this has proven to be 10% of people if you're in that other 90% get in better shape and you will not have to be on medications you don't want to be on medications for the rest of your life so this is the ultimate I know plan for gout go see your podiatrist ahead of time get yourself some coal Chris or some stirring medications available if you're expecting an attack having these to take right away makes your pain go away almost immediately then get some ice or a warm cloth towel elevate your foot and do that 15-20 minutes at a time as frequently as possible give your body about 10 minutes to bounce back in between so take the anti-inflammatory medications such as the steroids or you could take ibuprofen or aspirin you can combine it with Tylenol or you could take the steroid instead ice elevate your foot and you'll be feeling better as quickly as possible within about 24 hours your page should be greatly relieved [Music] [Music] [Music]

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