Herbal & Natural Remedies : Home Remedies for Colic


If you are a new parent and you find that
your baby is crying a lot after eating. He or she may be suffering from chronic colic.
I am Isabelle Simon, your personal and work place wellness consultant, and today we are
going to learn some home remedies to take care of your baby’s colic. The first thing
to consider is your baby’s diet, what you actually feed your baby. One thing that babies
are very intolerant to is milk so if you mix the baby formula with milk you may want to
change to with just regular water because your baby may be intolerant to milk, number
two when you feed your baby, you want to make sure that the baby is straight, instead of
hunched over. The reason being is that you want the digestive system to be open and to
function the way it is designed so baby not like this but straight sitting straight up.
Giving your baby a warm bath can also help your baby digest and relax so that could be
an option for you as well.



Also after your baby is done eating what I would recommend
is that you gently massage your baby’s belly. You can just hold your baby or just lay him
down and just rub the tummy in a circular motion. What that does is it is going to massage
gently the internal organs that help with the digestion. So all these are natural remedies,
home remedies to help with your baby’s colic. I hope those tips are useful to you. I’m Isabelle
Simon, your personal and work place wellness consultant and remember that good health begins
with good nutrition..

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