Home Made Cough Medicine Syrup Recipe Also an Effective Remedy for dogs with Kennel Cough in

to make a very effective cough medicine great lemon finely grated on the on the serrated edge of the grater this won't give us a fine rind and this releases all the natural oils the rind will be put into this pot and this has a very fine filter while you can use any other common filter that's at hand we will then juice the lemon and we'll add some boiling water to the lemon peel and then we'll add the honey to large tea spoonfuls of honey to sweeten the mix and then we'll add 10 drops of lugol's iodine this is 10% you're more likely to get 5% so in twice as many clocks you'll need a container to put the coffee medicine in you need a dropper to measure out the drops of the iodine and then you'll need and this is the magic ingredient when the mixtures cooled down this is some blue main clean gob eucalyptus oil I make it myself see my video online and this is absolutely amazing so when the mixture is cooled down we'll be having 4 to 5 drops of this and each time you use it you need to shake up the bottle with the cough medicine in and this will make sure that the oil is as mixed you could have just our mixed well totally and what we use then is one of these baby medication adapters for the bottle and that fits inside the bottle neck and then we have the baby syringe which is 5 MB is 5 mils of this my adult dog and that goes in there now makes a seal so you shake the bottle up turn it upside down and then draw off your five mils no mess and then they squirt it inside the dog's my dog seems to like it so I got a problem there and the iodine that we've added is a marvelous preservative but it's also effective against respiratory problems it attacks the bacteria that causes the possum the mucus the lemon rind contains a natural oils which fight the bacteria do it again the lemon juice powerful and other yet another powerful antiseptic and the oil that reviews all made the Blue Mountain gum is absolutely incredible and it kills off all all of the pathogens so we've hit it from a risk every conceivable angle let's not forget the honey because the hundreds of other powerful antibacterial antimicrobial and although we've used it for sweetening HF another effective attack on the mucus and then the pathogens and the microbes that cause the problems need to pour the boiling water through the lemon peel and grate the lemon peel lemon need to to put teaspoonfuls of honey and we've got the lemon skin which we've extracted the oils and divided the juice of the lemon and if we just it's very sweet now what we'll add to this the lugol's ID again this will make myself so if you look on my video channel Andrew K Fletcher you'll find out how we make this but you can purchase it but you're more likely to get a 5% and this is a genuine 10% and to this mix will add 10 lakhs besides this acts as a preservative for the cough medicine there was a bit of a mix I always use one of these these are bottles this spot will contain surgical spirits it's got a nice safe car so now we'll add this to the this to the bottle and then the magic ingredient is the Blue Mountain gone and this is a eucalyptus oil again I'll make this again look on my video channel here's a clean pit bed for this to this we need to add 4 drops it's very strong I might be five or got five and the important thing is once you've added the order give me the good shake and each time you use the medicine do the same shut it again now to administer the medicine these are the the medicine applicators that that actually what these do is they enable you to bit a syringe to the bottle and this is a use for baby medication so if you know the one that's got a baby they'll probably give you one of these and a five mil syringe so I'm going to shake it up draw off your five mils now this is five mils of arrival port area now we're going to find a willing participant is she Ruby Ruby as he coughed Oh what good very easy to administer and she doesn't seem to mind you

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