Home remedies for removing dark circles


Namaskar Many suffer from dark circles around eyes,
men women rather above age of 16 17 youngsters they suffer from this lot. They are very disturbed
because of that, the face looks little dull gloomy as if somebody has made you to cry
that type of feeling and it doesn’t look in any case well they feel that. Well, beauty
lies again with you, but still, there is always a solution for this dark circle understand
skin below that I is very very thin compared to other skin and so that skin gets affected
by external as well as my internal very fast.


Little disturbance in your inner layer of
that skin gets disturbed and so it is shown externally and so we have to do something
about it. We have to see that skin is attended Well. 40% of our energy is wasted through
eyes how much we use our eyes. Eyes are meant for showing the world. But when you are not
saying the world is close your eyes, you are thinking close your eyes, but no, we have
a very wrong habit of seeing everything and so strongly that we strain to arise all the
time. So we have to learn to relax also there are methods, which would help you to see that
these dark circles are taken care of their removed.


First Let’s understand Why do we
get these dark circles? What are the causes? The first four most cause is stress, fatigue,
tiredness, long hours of work creates a problem, lack of sleep, deficiency of iron, in our
body Sudden change in atmosphere lifestyle is wrong. If a person is taking alcohol drinking
smoking that also can result in dark circles, the think layer of the eyes around,  if it
is getting affected because of some other reason internal emotions or external stress
and dark circles are very obvious somehow we have to tackle all these things wisely
and see that we make changes in our Lifestyle wrong lifestyle is going to create lots of
problems.  well, you should know very well that yoga can play a very important role in
the management of dark circles first of all certain asana, which I would strongly recommend.
One Sarvangasna that is also a beautiful exercise, paschimottanasan that is beautiful dhanurvakrasana.
So which again brings blood circulation from all sides Very well.


So these are few asanas
and then finally savasana. A person has to learn to close his eyes relax and relax every
part of his body because the major cause of this dark circle is fatigue, tiredness. Fatigue
at emotional level fatigue at gets physical level. So we have to go ahead and help ourselves
with these asanas. Along with asana, there are certain Pranayam which should do regularly
from pranayama Number 1 2 3 and 4 equal breathing intercostal breathing cavicular breathing
and diaphragm in breathing and then a simple anulom vilom Pranayam because we have to see
that both the tonsils are open all the time.


So these are the things now a simple exercise
facial exercise. I would strongly recommend and that fills your mouth with warm water,
or water nowadays, I would say warm water and give that water in your mouth make your
face diet with full water in mouth. Let it be for 2 minutes around here and there but
let water be there in your mouth. You will feel a little tighter around you will feel
the pain around your face is absolutely stretched. this simple exercise and then you drink it
or Remove it, don’t gargle and all that, just do that and you will notice that it would
help even tonicity of your facial muscle. It would help to remove wrinkles from your
eyes and help in any case removing the dark circles around your eyes. well nowadays we
work in front of the computer so much relax your eyes as for relaxing close your eyes,
sometimes even Cup your eyes to see that this dark circle is removed because fatigue can
definitely call that will there are some natural ingredients available and one of them is cucumber.
It is skin lighting and mildly astringent cucumber.




Just see that you wash it well and
make a slice of a cucumber and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
So that if it’s cool, so this sliced cucumber just lie down and just fix it around your
eyes keep it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes is very very relaxing and then remove that
from your face and wash it with warm water a very good treatment for dark circles. Another
very interesting ingredient is green tea bags. This has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
property green bag that helps those capillaries which are strained under your eyes and that
helps in relaxing these areas. So again, what you should do is take these green tea bags
and put them in the refrigerator cool them and then take them out and put them around
your eyes for 15 minutes lie down to relax.


Just be peaceful and then remove them and
wash your face with warm water third thing, which I would want you to use is dairy products
and that to milk. Milk is having retinoid and that again is rich in vitamin A this combination
really helps brightening yours and to make yourself skin softer and gentle. No, it is
very simple, take cotton balls soak them in cold milk for some time and then apply that
cold milk around your eyes and let it be there for 10-15 minutes remove that out and rinse
your face with warm water. So simple very effective and you should use simple milk to
help you solve the problem well on the skin dark circles and blemishes if they are for
a long long period.


This tomato works wonder, 1 teaspoon full of tomato juice 1 teaspoonful
of lemon juice means Equal quantity of both mix them together and then with soft cotton
apply this juice around your eyes it has a very strong property to lighten the skin and
to brighten the face and soon this applying should be done twice a day and that too daily
till you really notice the difference and you will notice that slowly slowly dark circles
will go away. Well apart from all these facial things basic certain things for lifestyle
has to be understood. What is good 6 to 8 hours of sleep good night sleep most important
second avoiding all those things which are harmful basically refined food products white
sugar and alpaca drink carbonated drinks and alcohol should be totally avoided third eat.
Healthy rich food, which will give you a good amount of prana energy and So leafy vegetables
fruits and all these other things which are watery vegetables like cucumber and carrots
should go into your body regularly and that would really help to manage your overall general
health anemic condition has to go away.


So these green leafy vegetables and beetroot
must go lemon must go in your body to take care of anemia to good nutrition is most important
to help you to manage any problem. When we all know that life is never enough and situations
are never in our hands,  and sometimes will be overwork and sometimes will have a lack
of sleep all these things are natural. So you don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes
will look a little gloomy with dark circles that just reflect your work your strain your
hard work towards family, towards work.  Don’t worry at all carry yourself through
and through situations are there but how to deal with the situation positively enthusiastic
and happily is very much in your hand so just do your part well and everything will go very
well, you will be surprised to know that key to so many problems lies within us with our
own culture with our own thinking and our own positive attitude towards life Namaste.

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