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Friends, my name is Priyank and you are watching
Being Scientist. I welcome you all on the channel. In the previous video, I had explained what
causes a running nose at bodily level? However, if you are suffering from running
nose, what all the home remedies are available to prevent running nose, let's understand
through this video: I am gonna tell you six home remedies one
by one. 1) You should drink as much water as possible
in order to make the mucus thinner. What is mucus and how is it produced is something
I have already explained in the previous video. You must have personally experienced the viscosity
of the mucus when it comes out from nostrils. So the idea here is to make mucus thinner
by drinking ample volume of water so that it could drain out from nostrils and could
not clog in the nose. 2) This remedy may sound like grandma's remedy:
it is suggested to drink Kadha whoever person is suffering from cold and cough and sneezing. Or something like hot drink be it, hot coffee
or hot tea. This grandma's remedy has been investigated
by modern science and found to be effective against cold and cough.

So you can consider taking any hot drink,
be it kadha, hot coffee or hot tea, as per your convenience. 3) You should take the hot steam on your face. You can add menthol or any herbal plant in
water, boil it and take the steam in your nose for 20-30 minutes. It will help mucus drain out from your nose
and you will soon experience the freshness in your nose. 4) Take the hot shower. The hot shower should not be boiling water
otherwise your skin will get burnt. Take a lukewarm water and let the steams of lukewarm
water go through your clogged nose which will eventually make your mucus thin. Once the mucus is drained out from nose, you
can experience the freshness. 5) You can insert the snout of a small nose
cleansing instrument, Netipot, in your nose. Water filled in Netipot should be contamination
free, may be distilled water you can consider. Failing to do so could cause infection to
you inside the nose.

Then you flush the distilled water from the
instrument to your nose, your mucus will get cleaned up. You can see many video tutorials on YouTube
explaining how to use Netipot. So yeah Netipot can also give you a mucus
free nose. If you don't have it, you can check the description for the product link and place
the order from there. 6) Diamond cuts diamond As I told you in my previous video, spicy
food is one of the causative agents for running nose.

So you should consider eating as much spicy
food as possible so that it will be signaled to mucus to come out from nose and entire
mucus will drain out from nose. These are six home remedies I have discussed
that do not involve any medication or tablet. Despite trying all possible home remedies,
if you are not able to recover for last 3-5 days, it may be due to a specific allergen
or a disease due to a pathogen, be it virus or bacteria.

In such cases, do not go by my advices. Rather
you should visit a health professional, not an unqualified doctor. Only a professional
doctor will diagnose the underlying disease and advise you the suitable treatment. Enough for today. We'll see you each other
again. Jai Vigyan!.

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