Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Toothaches During Pregnancy | Tooth Ache


Home remedies to get rid of toothpicks
during pregnancy there are various natural remedies for the treatment of a
toothache which are completely safe to be adopted during pregnancy number one
hot compress hot compress is effective in dealing with tooth decay as when you
apply hot compress on the side of the face where it is painting then hotness
will improve the circulation in the affected area and helps your immune
system to tackle the problem of pain number 2 cold ice coldness
is helpful for numb the nerves that are causing pain you need to take cold water
and dip the cloth in this water rinse the cloth and apply on the face where it
is aching and you will seriously feel a lot of relief number 3 onions onions are
really helpful for providing relief from the pain you just need to chew an onion
for few minutes and observe the magic if you cannot chew it then apply the onion
juice on the tooth onion juice is very effective for treating tooth ache number
4 garlic garlic is also very effective for the treatment of the pain in the
tooth you need to chew the garlic clove garlic contains a licen which is an
antibiotic agent and it is helpful in attacking the bacteria that causes the
infection in the tooth number 5 cloves cloves are also very helpful for getting
relief from a tooth ache you can either chew it to get rid of
pain or you can also apply it on the teeth by pouring the juice of cloves on
the cotton and then apply it on the teeth if you liked the video give us a
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