Home Remedy for Dry Cough and Cold/ Sore Throat

hello everyone today we will make an easy home remedy a pin for soothing dry cough to make this we will need two tablespoon of organic Jetley you can also take powdered one we have taken grated cheddar here 1/2 tablespoon of cow's ghee 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder 1 by 4 teaspoon salt and 1 by 4 teaspoon of pepper powder this freshly ground now take the jaggery in the plate to this we will add the turmeric powder turmeric powder is half the quantity of jaggery he will add the salt and the pepper and finally we will add sea cows key now we need to mix all of these very well and knead it together like we would need Atta so that all the ingredients get incorporated we'll keep kneading it for a few minutes so now it is looking well if you at all you feel it's a little dry you may add some ghee to make it more pliable now he is very good for soothing sore throat now make small bins small ladoos out of this you can make six to eight ladoos depending on how big or small you're making now our pills are ready you can give two to three ladoos to a sick child or even you know during winter season you may give this as a precaution and you will see the big relief in dry cough you

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