Home remedy tips for cough and cold

Beatrice politi joins us next with health news the question for everyone tonight is what is your favorite home remedy for colds okay is it grandma's chicken soup tea with lemon a humidifier okay B what works what doesn't they may all feel nice but here's a look at what actually helps echinacea can be hard to keep in stock this time of year echinacea is actually an immune stimulant it helps all of the really good a to microbial properties in there so that your immune system is boosted and it could fight off the virus or bacteria or whatever it is that you're dealing with it's just one of a range of naturopathic preventive Xand remedies for cold honey and oil of oregano are said to have antimicrobial properties herbs like cinnamon and ginger increased circulation which helped boost the immune system then there's garlic garlic on its own has been shown to be really great for immune system so you can even chop some of that up and put it in your tea when you're having your warming teas you know two to three times a day having that raw garlic can definitely help boost your immune system what actually works depends on who you talk to orange juice I guess vitamin C cold FEX chicken soup always works very very well when I feel something coming on I take echinacea for sure where all of oregano is get to medical doctors may say the evidence on things like echinacea and goldenseal is anecdotal but do agree nasal rinses will shorten the length of a cold and that zinc helps to the zinc actually binds to the viral particles and so it helps prevent replication so you won't get as many viral particles causing the multiple symptoms and what about that old favorite chicken soup some studies have shown it has anti-inflammatory properties but some say the jury is still out on that one there's one old saying you can count on though an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure frequent hand-washing okay and avoidance and number two is aerobic exercise on a routine basis so if you do those two things and get your flu shot you're going to reduce your likelihood of ever getting those problems by 80 or 90 percent some say to avoid dairy when you're sick but that all depends on the person Dairy does tend to make mucus thicker but I'm told it's actually the fat content and dairy that has that effect and many of us tend to take in lower fat dairy products these days so very very individual okay baby thank you you're welcome

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