How Ice Cream Cures Sore Throat 如何快速治療喉嚨痛


hey guys it’s iris so my actually currently having a very bad sore throat like my throat hurts like hell and I think it’s sort of swollen but my Korean friend told me this very interesting trick that usually action when your throat hurts that is completely just it’s very unconventional and I’m going to try that right now and I will think I’m insane because all the things I’ve grown up with tells me that I’m supposed to drinking hot water rather than eating ice cream so I’m having rum raisin which is all ultimate old people’s flavor according to Kevin right I don’t know what people think rum raisin is just old people’s flavor because all right I’m gonna see the house my sorrel I think washing man when she said ice cream how sore throat is when the not like the fooled coldness of the ice cream students you’re on swallow swallow nests I swallowed it of your throat and you know how like when you have to revert you felt like lump in your throat and I think that’s helping this is easing up a little bit of that love strangely it does feel better like I can’t actually talk better without having that pain in my throat I think we should all do this more often when you get four so just tell your parents hey I’m all ice cream because this helps I get we should really scratched up when you’re throw verts drink hot water that is virtually useless and this works I recommend though to order ice cream that’s not so sweet in flavor because a rum raisin is way too sweet and now with backfiring hurting my throat how suggest you take a coffee or a sorbet for me whatever they say is a French yeah oh yeah water occupy bird that’s not so sweet yes we put Kevin here his puppet and yeah you know scary-looking that was scary I have a pocket a my should



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