How to Fix Ingrown Toenails Easily

ingrown toenail is one of the mostly
common problems it can be painful condition that can easily become
infected without proper care in this video I will share a trick how to
relieve pain from ingrown nail please note this trick will work only if there
is no infected area yet if the problem gets you serious it is better to contact
the specialist first and do all necessary examinations
however this trick is super easy and will work both for nail technicians and
for everybody who wants to take care and relieve pain from ingrowing toenails at
home all you need is a simple dental floss so how can you protect your client
if you don't have any special treatments? All of you might have a dental

It should be flat you know there's the ones that are
rounded so you need to use the flat one it's sanitized already that's why we can
use it I do not recommend to use the regular rounded ones because we can
provoke onycholysis. Put it right there 3 or 5 to 10 threads it really depends how
much you can fit in there but do not push
do not press too much just carefully put them in there
and you can connect them together and now our nail plate will not put too much
pressure on our tissue then we will cut it and from the other side we can use a
special medical glue I bet you all have this kind of treatment in your countries
this is like the medical glue that's used for the wounds to glue them
together so this is what you can use so the dental floss will not come out and
will stay there and I have the special treatment. It is
propolis gel with actus it works like a glue after a few minutes it hardens
right on the air and it will stay there as hard substance for 4 to 7 days the
only disadvantage of this product is the color it's yellow brownish and it will
not be possible to remove it with the water.

We have a question about how long
should you leave the dental floss in there? It really depends on the client.
Once there is no pressure and tension anymore it's okay to let it out also you
need to tell your client on what shoes she should wear they're not supposed to
be you know the stylish triangle shoes that are too narrow also you're not
supposed to wear high heels just once they feel there is no pressure there is
no redness of the skin around this area it's okay to take it off.

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