How to Handle a Cold | Infant Care

There are many ways to handle a baby when
they have a cold. If you notice any type of fever you really
wanna go to your physician to see what's going on. Usually a fever is a sign that there is some
sort of infection, viral or bacterial, going on within the body and you wanna figure out
what that is. So if there is a fever with congestion it's
best to go to your doctor.

When they say the baby just has a cold there
are certain things you can do to make your baby more comfortable. Babies can't take cold medicine or decongestant,
but they can have a few simple things to make them breathe more easily. Number one is saline. Simple baby nasal saline will help relieve
the nasal passages. The parents can squeeze the saline up each
nostril and use an aspirator to help relieve the mucus. Going into a stream shower several times a
day will also help relieve the congestion. It can be a steam shower or a simple shower
with the hot water turned on very hot and standing beside it. Several times a day will really help with
the congestion. Adding a humidifier to the baby's room will
also help. There are also vaporizers that have a menthol
scent that helps babies breathe as well.

If a baby is really congested and has a bad
cold they also may prefer to sleep upright. They may feel better sleeping in your arms,
they may feel better sleeping in their car seat, a bouncy seat, or a swing, or you may
have to put some books under the baby's bed to help tilt the baby and relieve the congestion. Babies also may require a little bit more
feedings when they're sick simply because they don't feel well. So when the baby has a cold doing things like
saline, stream shower, humidifier, and sleeping upright can really help them feel better. The key is to make them feel as comfortable
as they can until the cold passes and that may mean extra cuddles, extra pacifier, and
extra feedings. If it doesn't resolve itself or it gets worse
you need to talk to your doctor and have them seen immediately..

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