Medical Myth – Stop smoking makes you cough 2 – Penn State Health St. Joseph.



Patients will actually say to me, Diane, I should not have quit smoking because now I’m coughing and I’m
coughing up mucus all the time. And I say, to them, that’s a good thing and the
reason being is, when you smoke, the toxins in the smoke actually paralyze
the little hairs called cilia that are within your bronchial tubes and these
little hairs, the purpose of them is to move mucus along move it out so that you
can COFF it out and to clear out your lungs. So. when you smoke, they’re
paralyzed. When you quit, they begin to work again and so the good news is your
lungs are already working at clearing out all that debris and all that mucus
that was caused by your smoking.


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