Natural Home Treatment for Smoker’s Cough – Shruti Agrawal


Namaste ! friends, in today’s video we will learn about what is Smoker’s Cough? why does it happen ? and how can it be cured or controlled by adopting natural home remedies? first of all, let us learn about what is Smoker’s Cough Smoker’s Cough is generally found in people having habit of smoking, without any symptoms of any other disease. smoke, chemicals, and other substances present in tobacco get accumulated in the lungs due to Smoking to push out these chemicals the cilia present in lungs force these substances out through Smoker’s Cough. on Coughing, these particles or the alien substances come out to clear the body of these accumulated foreign substances out of the body Smoker’s Cough usually grows rapidly in severity in 2-3 weeks and occurs within months of smoking although it is not a symptom of any disease but if its persistent for a long time and if there are symptoms of other diseases like chest pain, severe cough, blood in cough, throat pain or any other symptoms then its advised to get it tested with the specialist doctor as it can be a symptom for diseases like Cancer, Bronchitis, COPD, or other chronic diseases.


On getting tested immediately you will become aware about the actual disease which can be further treated. let’s now learn about curing smoker’s cough with natural home remedies. we know in India we get certain ayurvedic products or food items consuming which we can cure our cough and clean our body to completely cure Smoker’s Cough, you must Quit Smoking ! if you are unable to quit smoking and like to control your Smoker’s Cough to a certain extend then these four remedies will certainly help you.



Friends, the 1st home remedy is: Dry Black Pepper whenever you are going out, working in office or in any other circumstances where your Smoker’s Cough is troubling you a lot then keep black pepper or clover in your mouth and suck it slowly. in doing so your cough will get controlled to a large extent. keep in mind not to take this in large quantity because it produces a lot of heat in the body that can affect your digestion system 5-6 a day is a recommended amount that you can take if you wish to take more than this then keep in mind to take such amount till you can sustain in your body friends, the 2nd home remedy is: Dry Cloves take cloves and heat it on a slow burner, then crush it to powder, then mix it with honey and drink it before sleep drinking it at night before sleep has two benefits 1. You will get a sound sleep 2.


It controls your cough to a great extend friends, the 3rd home remedy is boil the four in half glass of water and when it becomes around half cup drink it at night before sleep. this remedy has two benefits 1. It controls your cough increases your body immunity and protect your body from impact of deadly Corona virus and your body prevents and fights against any other infection or other types of diseases for a longer period friends, the 4th home remedy is: Mulethi drink mulethi with water boiled in water and drink 1 cup before sleeping take Mulethi only when there is frequent and severe cough mulethi benefits in getting the cough out of body and helps in clearing the lungs So, friends adopt these four home remedies and let us know how you have benefited from it If you want to quit smoking or chewing completely call or visit connect with us so that we can help you in quitting tobacco friends, if you liked this video then Thank You !

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