Natural solutions for treating infant gas

hi I'm dr. Sarah Connolly one of the pediatricians here at bundu abdominal gas is a part of life from day one forward unfortunately for babies this gas can cause significant discomfort in fact how to make a baby more comfortable when gas is present is one of the most common questions I get as a pediatrician an infant's job in the first few months of life is to eat and grow newborns eat nearly every two hours for the first several weeks of life and infants up to 3 to 4 months of age eat every three to four hours round-the-clock all that eating and digesting and growing is a very dynamic process and is rarely calm and quiet many parents will note that they can hear the rumblings of their babies tummies all day long and all night long nevertheless we want babies to be as comfortable as possible so when a parent or a family comes in complaining of gasps pain I do have a few suggestions first look closely at the latch on the breast or bottle babies often swallow air while feeding so a latch that is not wide mouth enough or one that slips frequently off the breast or bottle can be contributing to gas for breastfeeding parents sometimes it's helpful to keep a log of what you've eaten it's possible that that healthy salad you had for lunch might be contributing to your baby's gas if you are gassy after eating certain foods likely your baby will be too so eat those good foods in moderation if you see that they are a problem next burp frequently in the beginning that might mean after every five minutes on the breast and after every half ounce if on the bottle in addition some baby seem to have a gassy ur time of day so consider taking them for a walk in the stroller during that time the gentle rocking motion of the stroller may help work some of that gas down and out of their bodies of course you can give baby's belly massages very gently or bicycle their legs as well you might also want to try the windy young infants are unable to voluntarily control the muscles of their bottom meaning that passing gas happens accidentally and not on purpose as a result the gas can build up and the baby is unable to let it out the Windy is a hollow tube that was designed to gently slip past the anal muscles and into the bottom where the gas is trapped the stopper on the Windy ensures that parents know when to stop the insertion the Windy is gently inserted a very short distance into the bottom where it can allow trapped gas to escape through the tube and out of the body you're going to try the Windy it's important that you follow the directions exactly for more information on infant gas remember you can always search Bundy's library at bundu a-to-z and you can ask a bundu professional a direct question and ask bundu

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