Onion tea – tea for bad cough (home remedy)

Hi, I'm Valentina. Wellcome back to my channel. In this video I'll make a tea. It's an onion tea that is really good for
coughing, especially for productive coughing. You know, it probably happend to you,
it happend to everyone.. When that coughing time comes,
especially as night comes, it gets kind of worse
and when we have to go to sleep, then gets the worst! So, when we have problems like that, then I cook
this tea and it helps us sleep thrue the night without any problems. After waking up, all what should come out,
well, we cough it out. Although it's and onion tea, well, you know,
it has onion flavor, it is still kind of a good tea, it has something good in it's flavor, Even if it's made with onions. We will sweeten it, and believe it or not, some kids even like
it! Give me thumbs up for this good home remedie
and this video and be sure to subscribe to my channel if
you didn't already. Now let's go and make this tea! We will need one red onion, or if you don't
have it at home, use one common onion instead.

If you are not sure how the red onion looks
like, it's more red then the regular bulb onion. We will need 6 dl of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar from sugar cane; It looks like this. If you don't have it, you can use regular
white sugar instead of this one. Still, I recommend this one because except
better flavor it still retains some nutrients. For sweetening, we will use raw honey. Put 2 tablespoons of sugar to slowly melt
and in meantime prepare the onion. Cut the top and the bottom of the onion and
preserve as much skin as posible. Wach the sugar not to burn, because it gets
bitter if it does. When it's nicely melted, hold down the wooden
spoon, touching the melted sugar. In the moment when you pour the water on it,
lift up a little bit the wooden spoon. This will prevent the water sprinkling out
eveywhere. Imediately add the onions to the water and
bring it to boil.

Counting from the boiling point, cook it 3-4 minutes and let it sit for another 10-15 minutes. Once the tea cools down enough that you can
drink it, add a teaspoon of honey. This way you'll preserve all the nutrients
in the honey..

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