Orthodontic Home Care Instructions | Braces | Brushing

welcome to Fishbein orthodontic so now that your braces are on let's review your home care kit which includes a few things to help you take care of your braces there's a toothbrush floss and floss threader 'he's a proxy brush wax a food list and a hygiene guide card okay now down to business and let's start with how to brush your teeth with braces you'll move your toothbrush in a circular motion and turn it in three different positions the top of the braces the bottom of the braces and the front of the braces spending at least 30 seconds in each position so start with the tops of the braces and brush down on the top of the braces with just enough pressure on the brush to get the tips of the bristles under the wire brush from one side to the other several times and then move on to the next ankle next brush up underneath the braces again putting just enough pressure on the brush to get the tips of the bristles under the wire brush from one side to the other several times before you move on to the next angle and lastly brush directly on top of the braces and wire repeating this same motion several times remember to gently brush the gum line too that's where your teeth and gums meet and doing that will help keep those guns from getting swollen during treatment and don't forget to brush your chewing surfaces and the back of your teeth you'll need to brush for at least two to three minutes each time in order to make sure that every surface is clean and you need to brush your teeth at least three times a day or after every meal okay let's go over how to floss with your braces you're actually going to need to thread the floss under the arch wire so to help you do that you can use what's called a floss threader start with about 18 inches of floss and pull three to five inches of the floss through the loop at the end of the threader now thread the floss threader under the arch wire and gently go between your teeth hugging the sides of each tooth then just remove the floss and keep going around in between every tooth next let's talk about your proxy brush you can use it between the arts wire in the braces to help loosen food particles remove plaque and stimulate your gums to use it just push the brush gently under the arch wire between the brackets now if it's hard to push the brush into an area don't try to force it because you might accidentally break a bracket so only use it in those areas where you can be sure to use it gently okay now let's talk about wax as you're getting used to your braces you might feel some sore spots on the inside of your cheeks and lips and if you do you can use orthodontic wax to cover the area that's bothering you just pinch off a small piece of wax and soften it by rolling it between your fingers then just place the wax over the spot that's bothering you just remember to take the wax out before you eat or brush your teeth but if you don't and you accidentally swallow some don't worry about it it's not harmful to you as a normal part of your orthodontic treatment you might also experience a dull achy sensation after getting your braces on and maybe after each adjustment appointment – if that happens you can just take motrin or Tylenol or whatever you normally take for a headache or muscle aches and you should be fine if you have any soreness from your braces rubbing on the inside of your cheeks you can use the wax but you can also use a warm salt water rinse to help just dissolve two tablespoons of salt in a cup of warm water and swish and you can also use Orajel to rub on that sore spot and that will give you some relief while you're getting used to your new braces okay so accidents can and do happen if at any time you happen to break a bracket band or wire be sure to save any brackets and bring them in to your next appointment but be sure to call the office the next working day to schedule an appointment first before just coming in so we'll know to expect you okay lastly we need to talk about all the things you can't eat while you're in braces it's sad we know but eating the wrong kinds of foods can damage your braces we ask you to avoid any hard crunchy foods things like hard nuts pretzels Jolly Ranchers meat on bones and chewing ice or any foods like these another good tip is to be sure you cut up your fruits and veggies into bite-sized pieces and just put them in your mouth instead of biting into them we also want you to avoid sticky chewy foods like caramels taffy skittles starburst gummy bears and of course gum or any foods like these so there you go that's it congratulations again we know you'll do a great job and feel free to give us a shout anytime if you have any questions or concerns thanks so much for choosing Fishbein orthodontics and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment take care

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