Parang May BARA sa LALAMUNAN: Anong Sanhi at Tagalog Health Tips

Does it seem like there is a blockage in the throat? Or does the throat feel full? What is this? How are you? I am Doc Anna, your Online Doctor. If you are new to this channel, don't forget to subscribe for Tagalog health tips. Let's talk about throat congestion today. Is your throat really full? It does not hurt, but only feels like a blockage in the throat. There is also no difficulty swallowing — it is called a globus sensation.

One of the causes is GERD, or your gastroesophageal reflux disease. The acid that comes out of the stomach and goes into the esophagus a bit, and your esophagus is a bit scratched, so it goes down the throat. You have a sore throat and you have to tread on it. You have a persistent need to clear the throat — you always want to hem. It is often accompanied by a sour taste.

Another reason is that if you have a lot of sputum in your throat, especially when you wake up in the morning. Its usual cause is allergies. The throat may also be swollen — there is laryngitis, there is pharyngitis — the sore throat. Events are too emotional for you that day. You are nervous, you are tense that day. Your muscles do not want to relax. You always feel that your throat is really blocked due to tension, because of anxiety, because of your emotions that day. So how do you avoid globus sensation or lump in the throat? Stay hydrated — the right amount of water in the body every day.

More than 1.5 liters per day. Of course if you have GERD — the right food. Sour is not allowed. Spicy is forbidden. Avoid it. If you also have GERD and you have anxiety, and you have prescription drugs for it — follow your doctor's advice on taking the medication. I hope you can manage your stress that day. Those who have a job to talk to such as the call center or the teacher — the one who speaks too much a day — need a voice rest. Otherwise, you should always sip water. Just to wash your throat. Do the yawn / sigh — you look like a yawn. They can also use giggle posture — the diva when you laugh, the vocal chords that move. By doing the yawn / sigh and giggle posture, you can avoid or alleviate the lump in the throat or globus sensation. If the cause of your lump in the throat is due to allergies, just need, maybe in the room there is an allergy 'don — your pillows, your linens may need sun.

Just remember that 'if you have difficulty swallowing and pain, and your skin does not heal, you should consult a doctor. Also, if you have a lump, feel free to consult an ENT specialist — the ear, nose, and throat specialist. Note that globus sensation or lump in the throat has different causes. We just need to know how we feel. Feel yourself and if you need to consult a doctor, go to an ENT specialist. If this health tip helped you, don't forget to subscribe and like my Youtube channel.

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