Pineapple juice for cough relief

you know and you know nothing is worse in the summer than a nagging cough that you just can't get rid of and one home remedy has been making the rounds on social media promotes pineapple juice but does it really work let's find out from dr. Fife and Andy right now so dr. dandy how are you good oh you we're great so you gotta tell us is this really gonna work for a coffee Carolyn I'm a big fan of home remedies but even has flagged a popular pineapple post it stated that pineapple juice was five times more effective than cough syrup when you look at the scientific evidence a review back in 2010 found that pineapple juice mixed with honey salt and pepper could help relieve the mucus and the lungs of people with TB it may thin out the mucus making it easier to move when you cough but it certainly didn't say that it was an effective coffee remedy hmm so I would think that pineapple juice would have a lot of good nutrients at least I mean could that help yeah my kids love pineapples so they're awesome and they contain fiber beta carotene zinc folate lots of vitamin C this sweet yellow fruit also contains the enzyme called bromelain now bromelain has strong anti-inflammatory properties which can help with asthma symptoms all this goodness is great for the health of your body and could help you fight a cough so here are my prescriptions first of all don't just focus on pineapples right eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as we always say extra vitamin C that you find there is very beneficial to immune system which can fight off colds and other viral infections secondly pass on the fried foods when fighting off a cough these can be irritating to your throat also avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks they can dehydrate you instead drink other warm fluids like broth tea or juice which can soothe your throat and lastly if you'd like to try the pineapple remedy mix one and a half tablespoons of honey one cup of pineapple juice along with a pinch of salt and pepper you can drink a quarter cup at a time three times a day Wow okay so you mentioned honey in that mix I've I've heard that's good for us so what are some other alternative remedies we could use if we have a call absolutely here honey can soothe the throat and loosens the cough I love it it's great in hot water with lemon I'd also recommend a teaspoon of honey but please don't give it to kids under a year of age you can also try warm soup spicy foods and ginger tea please don't forget about getting enough rest also important if your coughed up not go away after a few weeks please see one of us your doctor dr.

Nandi thank you as always for your medical expertise we certainly appreciate you we see you at 5:00 I'll see you then thank you hard to believe that we'll be in cough and cold and flu season and all that but you live right things.

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