Sources of Bad Breath or Halitosis: Evaluate, Diagnose, and Treat

When it comes to bad breath or bad breath, treatment cannot be continued until a location has been determined Bad smell. In general, the source of bad breath may come from 4 different areas: The nose, mouth, throat, and lungs. Before successfully treating bad breath or bad breath, one must first identify a source Bad breath. Does it come from the nose only, from the mouth, or both from the nose and mouth? Assuming that the air leaving the lungs is pure and fresh, then bad breath should be emitted only from The mouth, not the nose, the source of the bad smell is somewhere in the mouth. For example, this occurs with morning breathing, or in patients with dry mouth Dental problems.

If bad breath occurs only from the nose, not the mouth, then the source of the bad smell It is due to some type of nasal problem such as sinusitis or the presence of a foreign body in the nose. If bad breath is emanating from both the nose and the mouth, this indicates a source The bad smell comes from the throat or even the lungs. Examples of lung or throat problems that may cause bad breath include reflux and throat cancer And lung infections in addition to more systemic problems such as diabetes, or kidney disease Advanced liver.

Of course, one is also likely to have a mouth and nose problem simultaneously. When it comes to the mouth, one can locate the bad smell more than By doing the finger scratch and sniff test. Basically, rub the front surface of the tongue, tonsils, and even the back of the tongue Gently use a fingernail, followed by sniffing out the collected material On the finger. Once the location and cause of bad breath has been determined, then only it can Follow up treatment successfully.

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