Tips on How to Prevent and Cure Cough and Cold in Newborns | Dr. Sanjay Wazir

Prevention is the best thing, and then you
know anybody in, it comes from somebody in the family who has a cough and
cold. If possible, at least that
person should stay away from the baby. Most colds would resolve on their
own, they don't need to be treated. It is the discomfort associated with cold
that needs to be treated, so you for a newborn,
for example when the nose is blocked then they find it difficult to breathe and
if you find difficult to breathe then you know the only way he can breathe is to
keep his mouth open. So you need to
keep the nose clean by keeping the baby slightly elevated by gravity. The
secretions would go down and you can suck out the mucus using a nasal aspirator
which is available in the market these days very easily and you can put
the saline drops in the nose so that at least it keeps it moist and hydrated and
you can use a cold humidifier just next to the baby so that it will keep the whole
micro environment around the baby a little humidified and keep the nostrils
like not too crusted or obstructed.

Most babies would be able to, you know tide
over that five to seven days of period but if they have an ear pain or if they had a
ear discharge or they find a difficulty in feeding significant, then you should
see a doctor..

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