Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo. Do you ever
have that feeling that the room is spinning and you’re not drunk? You probably have Vertigo,
but the positional vertigo which is benign. So it’s really important to go to your doctor
to get it checked out if something’s going on because it could be a symptom of something
more serious. If you’ve been diagnosed with BPPV, I’m gonna show you some exercises to
get that a little bit better for ya. So first exercise is a Brandt-Daroff exercise.


you’re gonna do this five times, two times a day in each position there’s gonna be a
30 second hold between. The first movement you wanna do is go down to one side and turn
your head at a 45 degree angle so it’s just going to be going down like this, my head’s
at a 45 degree angle, and I’m upholding this for 30 seconds. You might get a little dizzy,
feel a little yucky, but if you hold it for the 30 seconds the dizziness will probably
go away. Then you’re going to come back up into the seated position, wait 30 more seconds. Again you’re probably going to be a little dizzy, that’ spinning’s going on, but it should go away. And then go to the other side again
with your head at a 45 degree angle holding that for 30 seconds. Now the couch that I’m
on is a little bit squishy you probably want something a little bit firmer, but if you
can hold that 45 degree angle of your head while you’re lying down that’s fine. Then
you’re gonna come back up for that final 30 second hold. Doing that five times, two times a day.
The next thing I wanna show you is some gaze stabilization exercises.


And this just retrains
your brain to not have that dizziness when you move your head quickly. So there’s some
pretty simple exercises, the first one is actually just moving your eyes back and forth.
So your just gonna look side to side, a nice smooth motion, ten times back and forth. After
you’ve gone back and forth, you’re gonna look up and down still trying to keep your head
in one spot. Now remember this might make you a little dizzy and if it does that’s okay
it’s reproducing those symptoms, but the more you do the less it’ll be. Then looking at
one corner and back down to the other corner, going up and down, and then the opposite corner
up and down. After you done the moving the eyes, now you’re going to actually move your
head. Take a spot that you can focus on you can use your finger you can put something
on the wall like an “X” or an “A” or any letter of the alphabet that you want, but now you’re
actually moving your head so you’re focus on one spot.




Keep your eyes on that one spot
moving your head side to side, then moving it up and down, trying to keep your eyes on
that spot the whole time it’s gonna wanna move, but really try to focus on that spot,
then going at an angle, one way and going at an angle the other way. Trying to keep
your eyes focus on that one spot the whole time. If you have any questions leave them
in the comment section. And if you’d like to check out my other videos go to
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and remember, Be safe.


Have fun. And I hope you
feel better soon..

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