Yogic Home Remedies for Sore Throat | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Sore throat is very common symptom of bacterial or viral infection and it could be really
painful Really irritating ,it could really drain out
your energy . sore throat can really affect your focus throughout the day . here are some
easy home remedies for sore throat . 1 gargling with tulsi and turmeric water
Take three – four tulsi leaves and boil them in water and strain the water , and in that
water Put some turmeric . this water is best to
gargle ,now whenever you gargle ,gargle with warm temperature .
Gargle 2 – 3 times a day or whenever you feel little uncomfortable . tulsi helps in
liquefying the Flame in your throat and thereby gives you
relaxation ,tulsi acts as enaptogen ,entopgen reduces
Stress 2 Giloy
Giloy is an excellent anti inflammatory and it heals your throat .it is proven fact that
giloy is an excellent healer cough and throat pain .

Take some giloy stems and boil it till
it reduces to half . Strain the water and consume it early in the
morning at a warm temperature ,it gives you quick relief.
3 Lemon grass ,Ginger and pudina concoction Boil 15 pudina leaves and grated ginger in
2 glasses of water ,boil it thoroughly well till it
Comes to one glass .and keep this water with you and drink it as and when required ..
Anti inflammatory property of ginger really helps in removing the inflammation of the
throat . Ginger tends to block the pro inflammatory
protein in our body by which it reduces the Inflammation in our body ,this is well proven
by research . These protein cause inflammatory pain and itchiness . pudina and lemongrass
acts as decongest . 4 another very effective way for getting free
from sore throat is Garlic . Garlic has anti septic property which can
really help if you have bacterial infection .

It helps in
Relieving sore throat pain also . when crushed the raw garlic has got compound called allicin
Thus allicin has anti bacterial,anti fungal and anti viral property . the best way to
eat garlic would be Just chew one clow of the garlic in the mouth
,or keep it in the mouth and go on sucking for 2 minutes ,
That might be uncomfortable for some ,so in that case put few drops of honey in the mouth
And then suck it .

Honey again is an excellent source for sore
throat ,it is very soothing . 5 Another combination could be sonth and honey
. Sonth is dry ginger powder . sonth is highly
anti inflammatory in nature so naturally it would help in reducing sore throat .take a
spoon of honey and add 1/4th teaspoon full of sonth mix this paste well and suck it . this
could be at least Twice a day atleast for 3 days . Remember
to drink warm water after you have put anything in
The Mouth . After eating food take mouth full of warm water and just drink it to wash your
throat .

Sip warm water every hour to wash the infection
from your throat . 6 you should know that sun works wonders to
remove infection ,to bring relaxation to Your body and to face the problems easily
. Morning sun for the throat
So when you see the sun ,it is rising sun say till 8 o’clock .open your mouth ,pull
your tongue out And Show your throat to sun .stay there for
some time say for 5 minutes and that would really help
To remove inflammation from your throat . Use hot water bag when sun is not available
,keep hot water bag on your throat and make this area warm very often in a day .
7 Avoid fried food, spicy food ,and very hot food .
Take food at normal temperature not at high temperature .
Do not allow your mouth and throat to dry . otherwise you will feel burning in your
throat . And you will not like it .
Follow these remedies and take care of yourself and focus to see that you are free from pain
and suffering .live a healthy and happy life .

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